HH Sri Sri Sri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji

After inaugurating the memorial HH had this to say.




Gana Kesari Sri Shashidhara Kote

Had this to say.


Sri Purandara Dasaru  had the unique distinction of  being hailed as ‘Dasarendare purandara dasarayya” by none other than his guru Vyasa Teertha. SPDMT has done a commendable job of building a fitting memorial for the great saint composer. I really admire the dedication of the founder trustees in propagating Dasara Kritis to this World by organizing regular programs, upholding the great Indian tradition and the culture of Karnataka state. They have been rendering selfless service to society with no barriers of caste, creed or religion. May the TRUST succeed in all its plans and objectives. With love and affection and my best wishes to the TRUSTEES – Shashidhar Kote



Ganakalabhushana Vidwan R.K. Padmanabha

Had this to say.


Sri Purandara Dasa Memorial Trust headed by Sri S. Varadarajan has been doing yeoman service in spreading the message of ‘Sangeetha Pitamaha’ Sri Purandara Dasaru. This trust has a meaningful desire that the society should understand and implement the essence of Sri Purandara dasa’s kritis for which it has undertaken a lot of very constructive activities in a beautiful hall which is so divine that anyone who comes here feels like singing. This is purely a commercial free activity which has been undertaken for the cause of ‘art’ and more precisely to propagate Purandara philosophy. ‘Purandara Mantapa’ constructed by the TRUST supplies ‘energy’ and ‘truthfulness’, something exemplary. I am very happy and wish Sri Varadarajan and his team all the best. Let Purandara give him all the strength and health to propagate the wealth of Purandara philosophy.



Mr. Raghunatha Y
Civil Engineer and Dasabhimani


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